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Accounts for Instructors

Course IT Accounts

Course IT Accounts provide a separate Blog, UDrive and Web space for each course that can be used to post course information or materials online. Instructors can request additional IT Accounts for each course they teach. This account can provide an additional email address, blog, UDrive space, and other IT services dedicated to that course. Log on to SPIRE with your NetID and password to create and manage your Course IT Account.

For more information see Create & Manage Course IT Accounts.

Note: Campus departments may use their own email systems with unique email addresses. These departmental email addresses cannot be used to create and manage course IT Accounts. Instructors who would like to post their course materials online will still need to create one or more IT Course Accounts.

Subsidiary IT Accounts

Instructors can request Subsidiary IT Accounts, which may be used for academic projects, collaboration, and student employees who need email. Each Subsidiary Account comes with a separate email account, blog, UDrive, and Web site space. Subsidiary Accounts cannot be used to access the campus network via wired Ethernet or wireless. Instructors who need a separate email address, blog, UDrive or Web space for a course, can set up a Course IT Account in SPIRE.

Courtesy Accounts for Non-employees & Non-Students

Instructors may also take advantage of courtesy accounts for non-employees, non-students (NENS), which are provided to certain individuals who have a special relationship with the University, usually for a limited time (e.g., adjunct faculty, visiting scholars, and other individuals formally associated with the University). For more information and/or to register for NENS accounts, see Courtesy Accounts for Non-Employees, Non-Students (NENS).

Last Updated: Jan. 22, 2015