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Blog Posts: Create, Edit & Manage Blog Updates

Posts are the "articles" that get posted on your Blog page. The newest post always appears at the top of your blog.

Write a Post

  1. Log in to your blog and on the Dashboard toolbar click Posts, then Add New. The Add New Post screen will open.
  2. On the Add New Post screen:
    • In the field at the top of the screen, enter a title for your post.
      Note: Use a descriptive title, since it will appear on your blog site and your RSS feed.
    • In the large field at the center of the screen, enter the content for your post.
    • In the Categories box at right, on the All Categories tab select a category or click Add New Category. For more information about categories, see Blog Posts: Organize Posts into Categories.
  3. To save your post as a draft, click Save Draft (at right). You can continue editing or return later. See Edit Posts below for more on how to return to finish your post.

    Note: The main Dashboard screen has a Quick Press box where you can create a simple post using fewer options.

  4. To preview your post without publishing it, click Preview (at right). A preview of your post will open in a new window or tab in your Web browser, displaying the look of your current theme. Close the window to return to the Add New Post screen.
  5. To save and publish your draft, click Publish (at right). This will make your post available on your blog. To save your post without publishing, click Save Draft. A "post updated" message at the top of the screen will confirm your save.
  6. To view your post:
    • To view a published post on a single page, in the yellow confirmation bar (at top) click View Post.
    • To view your blog page, on the admin bar (at top) click your blog's title, then click Visit Site.

Edit a Post

To edit a published post or re-open a draft of a post:

  1. On the Dashboard toolbar, click Posts. The Posts screen will open.
  2. On the Posts screen, under the title of the page, click All posts, only Published posts, or only Drafts.
  3. In the list of posts, move your mouse over the title and click Edit (below the title). The Edit Post screen will open.
  4. Make your changes to the post, then click Save Draft or Publish (at right).

Depending on the current theme for your blog, you may also be able to open the Edit Posts screen from the blog page itself (provided you have logged in). Look for an Edit link below the blog article. If you are logged in, you can also use the Admin Bar at the top of the screen to return to the most-used areas of your dashboard.