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An Overview of the Moodle Gradebook

The Gradebook in Moodle can help you organize and manage information about the students in your course. For example:

  • Graded activities will populate scores automatically into the gradebook.
  • Scores can also be manually added or edited in the gradebook.
  • Students can view their grades in individualized reports that protect their privacy. You control what grades are visible and when.
  • Grades can be sorted and displayed according to groups or sections.
  • Scores in the gradebook can be uploaded and downloaded, allowing you to import data from other sources (such as OWL, i>clicker, and Opscan) or calculate grades in external software tools (such as Excel).
  • The gradebook can aggregate a final score for the class and convert it to a letter grade (based on your settings). You can control the weights of individual assignments or categories of assignments. The final grade can be brought into SPIRE with with a single click.
  • Students with "TA" level access to your course can enter grades in the gradebook.

In order for Moodle to aggregate scores automatically, all entries in the gradebook are numeric. Custom scales can be used to display non-numeric assessments (such as “unsatisfactory”, “satisfactory”, and “outstanding”) but there is a number behind each scale value. Letter grades can be assigned based on the percentage of the aggregated scores.

If you go along with Moodle’s methods, grading can be very easy. If you prefer to follow your own methods for grading, it is possible, but it may require extra steps and workarounds.

Gradebook Support Articles

Set Up Your Gradebook

For a detailed introduction of ways to set up your gradebook and descriptions of major gradebook functions, see Configure the Gradebook in Moodle. All pages regarding how to set up your gradebook are listed below:

Enter, Import, & Export Grades

For a detailed overview of different strategies for entering grades either through assignments, manually editing the gradebook, or for uploading grading spreadsheets, see Record Grades in Moodle. All pages regarding how to enter grades are listed below:

Gradebook Troubleshooting