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Students - Opt to Receive Refunds as Direct Deposit or Check

Students, when you are a due a refund from the University, use SPIRE to choose how you want to receive your refund. Use Excess Express if you want direct deposit of any refund to a USA bank account that you specify. Otherwise, request to receive your refund as a paper check.

If you opt to receive your refund as a check, note that you will need to request a check each time you have a refund and you will need to allow for three weeks processing time.

  1. For Excess Express, in the Menu, go to Finances > Excess Express.
    • Read the terms and conditions and click I Agree.
    • On the Add New Excess Express Enrollment Info page, the *Effective Date field fills in with the current date by default. Leave as the current date or enter the date that you want the direct deposit to take effect.
    • Enter the Bank Routing Number (the first 9 digits of any check) and the Bank Account Number (up to 17 digits). Use the illustration provided to help you locate those numbers on a check, if you are unsure of what to enter.
    • Under Account Type, select Checking or Savings.
    • Click Save to submit your direct deposit information.
    • The Current Excess Express Information page opens and displays the Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Account Type and Date when the Excess Express will take effect.
    • To add another account to Excess Express, click Add New Excess Express Information. Enter your banking information following the same process described above.
    • On the Current Excess Express Information page, select the Cancel option to stop direct deposit for refunds. To redo your direct deposit information, first cancel the Excess Express, then follow the instructions above to enter new direct deposit information.
  2. For Request Paper Check Refund, on your Student Center SPIRE Home page go to the Finances section and select Request Paper Check Refund or in the Menu, go to Finances > Request Paper Check Refund. Read the information provided and click Process to submit your check request.