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Textbook Queries

Federal law requires universities to include information in the online listing of class offerings about textbooks that will be needed for each class. The purpose of the law is to give students an opportunity to plan for this aspect of their educational expenses.

Three queries are available in SPIRE for academic department staff to use to confirm departmental compliance with the law. People who have SPIRE B access to process enrollment overrides, enter textbook data, and etc. also have access to the textbook queries. These queries are not for students and are not available to them. Students access textbook and syllabus information through the online schedule of classes.

General information about how to run queries in SPIRE is available in a document titled Use the Query Viewer (PDF, 332k).

Use the Query Viewer to search for any textbook query using its complete name from the list below, or list all three queries at once by using "UM_OIT_DEPT_CLASS_" as your search criterion.

  • UM_OIT_DEPT_CLASS_OVERVIEW - lists all the class offerings per term per subject and what, if anything, has been entered for textbooks or syllabi.
  • UM_OIT_DEPT_CLASS_OVRVIEW_INST - lists all the class offerings per term per subject with instructor information, if a primary instructor has been assigned. It includes the instructors' names and emails. Note that only primary instructors (not SIs, SAs, etc.) and SPIRE B staff can enter textbook data, so only classes with primary instructors are included in this list.
  • UM_OIT_DEPT_CLASS_OVRVW_NOINST - lists all the class offerings per term per subject that have NO instructor assigned. This list can be useful for departments that want to enter textbook information before they have finalized instructor assignments.

Note: The queries show one row per class per textbook, so if there are multiple textbooks assigned for a class, you will see multiple rows for that class. For this reason, the number of rows will not necessarily match the number of enrollment sections offered by the department.