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Network Communications Non-Payment Policy

The UMass Information Technology (UMass IT) will shut off any services (including telephone, long distance authorization code (auth code), calling card, voicemail and/or network access) to anyone after three consecutive months of non-payment. The standard reactivation charge will be assessed for line and/or network activation.

Procedure for Non-Payment of Services

* The Systems Office of UMass IT will generate up to three monthly notices warning of impending service shut off due to lack of payment. The first and second monthly notices will be sent to the principal investigator, grant bookkeeper and Network Communications Representative (Netcom Rep) on a research account or to the billing address on contractor accounts. A copy of the shutoff policy will be sent to the Principal Investigator (the grant bookkeeper and Netcom Rep) or the contractor billing address with the first monthly notice. The third monthly notice will inform the Principal Investigator, the grant bookkeeper and the Netcom Rep and the contractors that they are financially responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment when and if service is shut off at the end of the next month. The third notice will also be sent to the grant department head.

* Only those services that are delinquent will be shut off.

Shut off

Network Access

* The Systems Office will email Network Services to give building, room and jack number information in order to shut off the network connection. Two weeks after network access has been shut off and funding arrangements are still not made, the port will be made available to another customer. A new jack request must then be made through the department's Netcom Rep with Network Communications Customer Services. There are costs associated with starting up the service that the department will have to cover.


* The Systems Office will request a software-only workorder from Customer Services that will block the telephone. Two weeks after the block and with still no funding resolution, Systems will create a workorder to pull the phone and phone number. It will take another two weeks after the pull work order has been created for the phone to be removed. This will give the customer four weeks after a block to inform Customer Services of appropriate fund information or to bring their account current. If new account information has been received, Systems will create another software-only workorder to reactivate service. After a telephone has been removed, a new telephone request is done through the department's Netcom Rep with Network Communications Customer Services. There are costs associated with starting up a service that the department will have to cover.

Long Distance/ Voicemail/Calling Cards

* The Systems Office will shut off auth code, voicemail and/or calling card due to no payment. Customer calls will be directed from Customer Services to the Systems Office for resolution.

* The Systems Office will create the workorder to bill the new account for the services as well as the reactivation charge.

Other information

The block on telephone service will be a change of service that will still allow for emergency calls.

Last Updated: Sep. 29, 2015