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Information for Students Leaving UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst graduates and students who leave the University in good standing have access to all IT services for 6 months and University email at no cost for one year after you leave the University.

Special Extensions

Account services are automatically extended for members of the Armed Forces who were active students or employees at the time of their deployment. The extension is only valid for the duration of these individuals' active duty.

Important Computing Reminders

Whether you are graduating or simply taking the next semester off, consider these items before leaving campus:

Back up Your Files

Make copies of all the important files you have stored using one of our services. These may include term papers posted on UDrive, important email messages from your email account, blog entries, and your personal Web site (if you have one).

  • Download any UDrive files to your computer or other storage device. For information on using WebDav to easily transfer files, see: UDrive
  • Download any personal Web site files to your computer or other storage device. For instructions on using SFTP software to connect to the IT Web hosting server, see: Web Hosting: File Backups
  • Export your blog to your computer or other storage device. Blogs F.A.Q.

Set up Email Forwarding

While your email account is still active, set up email forwarding to a non-UMass email address. Make sure your contacts are aware of your new email address.

The Alumni Association also offers UMass Amherst Alumni email forwarding from addresses. For more information, visit the Alumni Association Web site. Note: Membership is required in order to obtain this service.

Get a Transcript

Use SPIRE to print an unofficial transcript or order an official transcript to be delivered to yourself or a third party. You may order an official electronic copy of your transcript for $2.50 or have a paper copy of your transcript sent to a third party for $4.50. The University also provides free transcripts for pickup at the University Registrar’s office, and free delivery to on-campus departments.

Information about ordering official transcripts can be found here:

Update your Contact Information

Update your contact information in SPIRE, including your mailing address and email address. These are the addresses that the University will use to send you all future communications, including your diploma.

Note: Campus Alerts subscribers who are temporarily leaving the University are encouraged to unsubscribe (simply remove your cell phone number from the Cell Phone Info page, and click Save). Graduating students are automatically unsubscribed.

Save your New SPIRE Logon Information

In the next six months, we’ll send your new SPIRE logon information to your University email address. Use this information to access SPIRE after your IT Account is de-activated (to print more transcripts, update your contact information, etc.).

Last Updated: Oct. 06, 2015