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Computer Classrooms: General Guidelines for Use

General guidelines for using UMass Amherst IT computer classrooms are discussed below.

Using our Computers

Please don’t share your IT Account information.

Please don’t share your UMass Amherst IT Account NetID (user name) or password with anyone. You will be held responsible if you share your personal information and someone else uses your account. Note that using someone else’s identity is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct (Section II.A.2): Prohibition Against Misrepresentation of Yourself as Another Person.

Please don’t eat in the classrooms.

No one is exempt from this. If you bring in food, you will be asked to leave. Beverages are only allowed in closed containers. A shared space is difficult to maintain. Stained floors, sticky mice, and non-functioning keyboards are all the victims of food in the classrooms.

About our Consultants

Consultants keep the classrooms running.

Our consultants are trained to maintain and monitor our computer classrooms. As such, they can point you to hardware/software solutions and perform basic tasks such as filling the printer's paper and toner.

Consultants can’t help with data recovery or homework.

Please contact the IT Help Center at 413-545-9400 for help with disk or file recovery. If you need help with your homework, contact your teaching assistant or professor.

Consultants are students too.

Please plan your stay in the classroom so that you are ready to leave by the time it is scheduled to close. Consultants also have commitments outside of their jobs. Please respect their need to leave on time.

Computer Classroom Etiquette

Computer classrooms are not “childproof.”

Children are not allowed to use the computers or printers in our classrooms. Not only may they be at risk of injury from the heavy equipment and cables, they also may be distracting to other people working in the classrooms.

Please turn off your cell phones.

The ringing of cell phones and conversations are distracting to other users. Please turn off your cell phone ringers and carry on cell phone conversations outside of the classrooms.

What about study groups?

The Learning Commons on the Lower Level of the W.E.B. Du Bois has glass study rooms which can be used during library hours.

Lose Something?

If you think you may have lost or forgotten something in one of our classrooms, please return to the classroom to see if our student consultant has found it. If more than a few hours have passed, contact the Staff Room, A125 LGRC, 413-545-1611 and ask them for further assistance.

Please clean up the work space before you leave.

Computer classrooms are shared by the entire University community. Pick up pieces of paper on the desk, push in your chair and make it ready for the next user before you leave your computer.

Last Updated: Aug. 26, 2014