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Vulnerability in Mac OS X and iOS Devices Could Allow Unauthorized Access to Stored Passwords

June 26, 2015

A group of university researchers have released a paper detailing an active vulnerability in Mac OS X and iOS devices. Malicious applications may be able to gain unauthorized access to passwords stored in other applications, including the Keychain password manager. Apple has not yet released a fix for this vulnerability.

Until a patch is available, UMass Amherst IT recommends UMass Amherst students, faculty and staff:

Security Alert! New Phishing Scam Targets UMass Amherst Email Credentials

June 26, 2015

Members of the UMass Amherst campus community have reported an email with the title "Email Validation!" claiming to be from "UMASS Mail Administrators." This message asks the recipient to respond with their username and password "for verification in order to keep your account active."

Caution: This email did not come from the UMass Amherst Information Technology or UMass Amherst; it is a phishing scam, designed to trick you into giving out your personal information and infect your computer. 

We're Hiring: Undergraduate Computer Classroom Assistants - Fall 2015

June 25, 2015

IT computer classrooms is looking to hire new Computer Classroom Assistants for Fall 2015. Undergraduate students with strong customer service skills, a professional attitude, and basic computing skills across Windows and Macintosh platforms are desired. Preference will be given to freshman and sophomore applicants. 

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