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UPDATE: Mail Delivery Delays to Yahoo!, Gmail & Other ISPs Continue

January 31, 2013

UPDATE: More UMass Amherst email accounts were compromised by spammers overnight on Thursday, January 31. OIT is working on implementing stricter spam filters and continues to monitor our email servers for further abuse. Members of the University community can expect notifications of undelivered mail and delays when sending email to major email services (e.g., Gmail) from their UMass Amherst accounts. If you are having problems sending or receiving email, please contact the OIT Help Center

Email sent to many major email services (e.g.,Yahoo!, Gmail, Comcast) from UMass Amherst email accounts may be temporarily delayed for several hours or longer.

Early morning on Monday, January 28, 2013, a UMass Amherst email account was compromised and abused by spammers, eroding the reputation of the UMass Amherst email servers. As a result, external mail services are delaying the acceptance of messages from our servers. 

OIT staff are working to resolve these issues, and are closely monitoring our email servers for further abuse. Past experience indicates it usually takes 1-2 days to resume normal email service, and that most mail is eventually accepted for delivery. During this interval, members of the University community may receive notifications of undelivered mail. 

Last Updated: Feb. 04, 2013