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Send & Manage Attachments with UMail

Attachments in UMail on the Web

The maximum attachment size for UMail on the Web is 5 MB per message. There is no limit for the number of attachments you can send as long as they are within the allowed size.

As a courtesy to other users, we recommend that you use UDrive for large files (e.g., PowerPoint files, images, videos, or sound) instead of attaching them to your messages.

Send an Attachment

Files may change size when converted into UMail attachments. The size of a file on your computer may not be the same when attached in UMail. For security reasons, UMass Amherst IT blocks attachments with certain extensions. See our UMail F.A.Q. for more information.

UMail on the Web lets you set several options for outgoing attachments.

To attach a file:

  1. At the bottom of any New Message window, under Attachments, in the File 1 field, type the name of the file or click Choose File… to locate the file on your computer. The New Message window will refresh with a new File field.
  2. From the Save Attachments with message in sent-mail folder drop-down menu, select Yes to keep a copy of the attachment in your Sent folder. Because attachments take up a significant amount of space, we recommend that you only save critical attachments in your Sent folder.
  3. Click Update to attach the file. When a file is successfully attached to a message, the name of the file, its size, extension (.jpg, .doc., etc.), and the percentage of the allowed attachment size will appear under Current Attachments at the bottom of the window.
    Note: For large files and/or slower Internet connections, the process of attaching a file may take several minutes.
  4. Under Current Attachments, add a short description for your file in the Description field.
  5. To remove an attachment, under Current Attachments, select the Delete? check box, then click Update.

Manage Attachments

The following are instructions for incoming attachments:

View, Download & Delete Attachments

  1. Open any message.
  2. In the header of the message, click the attachment name to open it.
  3. Next to the attachment name, click its size (e.g., 34 KB) or the Download icons . The attachment will download to your computer.
  4. If the message contains multiple attachments, click Download All Attachments (in .zip file) to download all attachments at once in compressed format.
  5. Next to an attachment, click the Strip Attachment icon to delete it. Click Strip All Attachments to delete all attachments in a message. This is a good option if you want to keep a message after you have downloaded its attachment(s) and save space in your Inbox.
    Note: After you execute the strip attachments command, a small text-only log file is attached to the message.

Forward Messages Without Attachments

You can forward messages with attachments by click Forward, then select Entire Message or Body Text with Attachments at the top of any individual message.

To forward a message without an attachment, at the top of any individual message, click Forward, then select Body Text Only. This option is not available if you choose to forward a message from your Inbox view.