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UMail on the Web: Contact Lists

You can create Contact Lists in UMail on the Web from the contacts in your Address Book. This makes the process of regularly sending messages to multiple recipients more efficient.
Note: This process creates a mailing list in UMail on the Web that only you can access. For more information on creating email lists using Mailman, see our Electronic Mailing Lists documentation.

Create a Contact List

To create a Contact List:

  1. In the Mailbox Menu, click Address Book.
  2. On the My Address Book screen, select the check box(es) next to the contact(s) who will make up your list.
  3. From the Contact List drop-down menu, select Address Book (right below Create a New Contact List in), then click Add (at left).
  4. You will be prompted for a list name, then you will return to the My Address Book screen. Your list will appear in the Contact List drop-down menu and a message confirming that your list was created and contacts were added to your list will appear at the top of the screen. Your list will also appear in your Address Book marked by the List icon ().

To move a contact from your Address Book listing to a contact list, select the check box next to the contact's name, select the contact list, then click Add. Your contact will appear in the list you specified as well as on the My Address Book screen.

Send Messages to a Contact List

  1. In Mailbox Menu, click New Message (top left). The New Message window will open.
  2. In the New Message window:

    - or -

    • In any of the compose fields, enter the list name. UMail on the Web will auto-complete your entry.
    • Click Address Book. The Address Book window will open.
  3. In the Address Book window, enter the list name in the Find field, select My Address Book as the location of your search, and click Search. Your list will appear in the box at left.
  4. From the box at left, select the name of your list and click the To >> button to add your list as a recipient, then click OK. The title for your list will appear in the To: field for your new message.
  5. Your message will now be sent to all the contacts included in your list. For more information on composing messages in UMail on the Web, see our Compose Messages page.