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Use Search in UMail on the Web

Look up messages by subject, recipient, date, or message type.

  1. In the Mailbox Menu, click Search to search for specific messages in your Inbox and other folders. The Search screen will open, listing your recent searches in the Recent Searches drop-down menu.
  2. On the Search screen:
    • (Optional) From the Recent Searches drop-down menu, select one of your stored recent searches, and click Submit. You will be redirected to those search results.
    • Enter text in the fields you want to include as your search criteria.
      Select Match Any Query to look up messages which match at least one search criterion. To look up messages which match all of your search criteria, select Match All Queries.
    • To exclude certain text, senders, or recipients from your search results, enter those words or names into the search fields and check the box next to Do NOT Match.
    • To remove a search criterion, click the Trash icon.
  3. Under Search Folders, choose the folder(s) you wish to search.
  4. Click Submit. Messages that match your search criteria will appear on the Search Results page.

Note: The default search is an AND search. If you select more than one criterion, the search engine will search for messages which match all criteria.

Search Individual Folders

You also have the ability to look up messages in individual folders.

  1. Next to any folder name, click the magnifying glass (). The Search [folder name] screen will open.
  2. Follow the instructions above to search the contents of the selected folder.