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UMass Campus Notification

Manage Your Contact Information in SPIRE

UMass Amherst staff, use SPIRE to manage your own contact information so that the University can notify you in the case of a problem in your building or area of campus. For some positions, such as emergency response staff, it is required that you provide some contact information for notification. Employees are responsible for keeping their own information current.

To view and update your contact information for Campus Notification:

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to My Personal Information > Campus Notification. The Campus Notification page will open, listing your contact information already on file with the University, if any, (e.g., Work Address, Local/cell phone, etc.).
  2. Add additional contact information as applicable. Some items get updated on a different SPIRE page. For those, follow the instructions to the right of the item. The instructions direct you to where you can make the changes yourself or provide information about requesting changes.